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Course Bundles for Singles, Couples and Coaches

These courses were created by Dr. Ava Cadell, PhD., founder of Loveology University.
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Romance (1).png

This Romance bundle contains valuable information on finding romance and a soul mate, with strategies to keep relationships romantically charged. Boost your confidence with flirting skills like opening lines, body language, and flirting props. Most importantly, discover the bedrock of romance by giving emotional, appreciative, and physical compliments to your partner to feel valued. These romantic tips can help build a relationship that can last a lifetime, with lots of memorable occasions. 

This bundle includes the following courses (click on course for info and to watch a video demo)





This bundle is for you if:

  • you are looking for your soul mate

  • you want more romance in your current relationship

  • you’re frustrated with your current dating scene

  • you want to go from the ‘friend zone’ to intimacy

  • you want to boost your erotic potential with aphrodisiacs


Foreplay is an essential ingredient of great sex, as it develops sexual anticipation and initiates the lust and passion that makes love-making memorable and satisfying. In this bundle, you’ll master the art of erotic massage with step-by-step techniques that lead to intense orgasms for him or her, and you’ll discover how erotic talk can get you into a juicy frame of mind and body, enhancing intimate communication.

This bundle includes the following courses (click on course for info and to watch a video demo):

Erotic Massage



Erotic Talk

This bundle is for you if:

  • you’ve always wanted to learn how to talk dirty

  • you want step-by-step instructions on how to give an erotic massage

  • you want to overcome premature ejaculation through masturbation

  • you want to rev up your sex life with sensual foreplay techniques

  • you want to learn how to build anticipation for deeply satisfying sex

Couples' Pleasure.png

Couples will benefit from this relationship-enhancing bundle that offers not only strategies to deepen intimacy, but also practical information on how to please your partner emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually. These courses dive deep into understanding desire and what men and women really want when it comes to intimacy, sexual satisfaction, and relationship success. 

This bundle includes the following courses (click on course for info and to watch a video demo):

Pleasing a Man

Pleasing a Woman 

The Big O

Couples Enrichment

This bundle is for you if:

  • you want to build trust and communication with your partner that leads to great sex

  • you want to learn techniques on how to please your lover physically, emotionally and sexually

  • you want to discover new erogenous zones to add variety to your sex life

  • you want to fall in love with your partner all over again

  • you want the benefits of deeply satisfying orgasms.


Learn the art of lovemaking with this bundle of courses that teaches you secrets to masterful sex, including oral pleasure for men and women, sexual positions, the ancient art of Tantric sex, and G-Spot orgasms.

Enjoy the sex life you’ve always wanted to have with no limits, no judgment, and a new array of tools and tips to enhance pleasure and orgasmic potential.  

This bundle includes the following courses (click on course for info and to watch a video demo):

Oral Pleasure

Playful Positions

Pleasure Spots

Tantric Love

This bundle is for you if:

  • you are looking to master the art of lovemaking

  • you want to create the sex life of your fantasies within your relationship

  • you want to become an oral sex connoisseur

  • you are interested in exploring spiritual sexuality through the art of Tantric sex

  • you want to make love in a variety of sex positions for deeper sexual satisfaction.


If you want more excitement in your love life, or want to expand your sexual horizons with sex toys, anal pleasure, eroticism, fantasies, and role-play, then this collection of courses gives you everything you need to make your desires come true. Explore the variety of adult toys that can enable you to have powerful orgasms, rev up your date night with erotic movies, and turn your sexual fantasies into reality.

This bundle includes the following courses (click on course for info and to watch a video demo):

Adult Toys

Fantasies and Role Playing

Backdoor Play


This bundle is for your if:

  • You’re looking to get outside your ‘vanilla’ comfort zone

  • You’ve always wanted to try sex toys

  • You want to explore your sexual inhibitions

  • You want to boost your sex drive

  • You want to discover new erogenous zones

Kinky 101.png

If this collection of courses sparks your curiosity to learn more about ‘alternative lifestyle’ options, and sexual experimentation, then you might be ready to discover ways to break out of your ‘vanilla’ sex life. Whether you want to add people to your relationship, engage in swapping or explore Sado Masochism, Bondage, Discipline and Domination for sexual pleasure and fulfillment, these courses will enrich your relationship or single sex life.

This bundle includes the following courses (click on course for info and to watch a video demo):

Power Play

Foot Worship

Group Erotica

Boundaries & Taboos

This bundle is for your if:

  • You want to explore BDSM

  • You’re curious about threesomes

  • You want to break the taboos & myths around sex

  • You’re interested in exploring non-monogamy with your partner

  • You want to try kinky play like voyeurism, exhibition, double penetration & more

sex ed.png

Educate yourself and others with the basics of sex education when you choose this bundle of individual courses that includes foundational knowledge on male and female anatomy, and new ways to enjoy self-pleasure.

Learn how to make safer sex sexy, focusing on the importance of negotiating with sexual partners to use safer sex practices and enhance protection while maintaining eroticism.

The following four courses are included in this bundle (click on course for info and to watch a video demo):

Sexual Health

Female Anatomy & Arousal

Male Anatomy & Arousal


You can also opt to purchase your favorite course separately.

However, the bundle will offer you a complete package and a better deal.

This bundle is for you if:

  • You want positive accurate facts about human sexuality

  • You would like to empower yourself with sexual knowledge

  • You would like more confidence in understanding your partner’s anatomy

  • You want to develop a healthy attitude about sex and your body

  • You want to be aware of safer sex practices to prevent STDs & HIV transmission


This bundle includes comprehensive information about the transgender experience, the gay male experience, and lesbian love, with information on coming out, finding partners, sexual positions, sex toys, and much more. Whether you’re a sex educator who wants to teach workshops that include every orientation, someone looking to date a transgender person, or you just want to learn some playful new same-sex sexual positions, this bundle is the right choice.

This bundle includes the following courses (click on course for info and to watch a video demo) :

Male Lovers

Women Loving Women

Transgender: Female to Male

Transgender: Male to Female

You can also opt to purchase your favorite course separately.

However, the bundle will offer you a complete package and a better deal.

This bundle is for you if:

  • You want to teach workshops to every orientation

  • You are looking for help & support on how to come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender

  • You want to expand your knowledge and are curious about the LGBT community

  • You are a pre-op, post-op, or non-op transgender individual who wants comprehensive information or is looking for counseling

  • You want to use love-making techniques for same-sex partners


Professional Coaching Certification Programs

The following programs were created by Dr. Ava Cadell, PhD., founder of Loveology University.
Loveology University offers the most comprehensive Love Coach, Sex Coach, and Relationship Coach training programs online, teaching you everything you need to know about love, romance, relationships, intimacy, and sexuality so you can help your clients thrive romantically. These extensive programs are for people who are looking for a certification in professional Relationship, Sex, or Love Coaching. These programs also offer continuing education credits to prospective and current members of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and American College of Sexologists International (ACS).

Certified RC.png

This Relationship Coach Program offers you certification as a relationship coach, dating coach and couples intimacy coach. Relationship coaching for couples is one of the most rewarding careers because you’re helping people improve the quality of their love lives. Whether they are dating, engaged, beginning a new relationship, married or in a committed partnership, you can teach them how to rekindle romance, intimacy, and passion. 

Learn expert relationship coaching techniques and effective client communication skills to get certified as a relationship coach.

The Certified Relationship Coach Program offers 37 continuing education credits. 

Learn more by clicking on the course title.

Certified MS.png

This Certified Master Sexpert Program offers you certification as a Sex Educator, Sex Coach, Sexuality Expert, Sensual Empowerment Coach, Sex Blogger or Writer, Sexual Health Educator or a Pleasure Products Professional or Pleasure Party Consultant.  

Would you like to help individuals claim their own sexual freedom and express themselves sexually?  Would you like to help couples create more intimacy and spice up their love relationships between the sheets? Are you interested in helping men and women become more orgasmic, and obtain their full erotic potential? Do you see yourself in a career as a sexuality empowerment coach?

If you are already a Life Coach, Health Coach, or other wellness and empowerment professional, adding sex coaching to your certifications can help you expand your skills and gain an advantage over other counselors and coaches.

The Certified Master Sexpert Program offers 52 continuing education credits.

Learn more by clicking on the course title.


If you are passionate about love coaching, then the time is now.

Love coaching is the evolution of life coaching and is the 2nd most popular growing career choice today. Start a rewarding career as a love, relationship, and intimacy coach today, where you can help others realize their full intimate potential, find their soul mates, and enjoy everlasting love.

Do you want the freedom to design a career you love, work from anywhere in the world, enjoy a flexible schedule, and have more time to live your life to the fullest?

Then take control of your career path now, and begin your journey as a Certified Loveologist and Love Coach, which includes the Master Sexpert and Relationship Expert certifications.

The Certified Love Coach Program offers 114 continuing education credits.

Learn more by clicking on the course title.